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Petro Solution signed a consultancy agreement in IRAQ for the new south projects.     :::     Petro Solution will make a seminar in April 2011 for the latest oil and Gas pumping technologies.
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As President and CEO of Petro Solutions Ltd. , I am inspired by the professionalism, creativity, dedication, and collaborative spirit of our employees.

The atmosphere at Petro Solutions is collegial. We all work with «open doors.» Accomplishing our work through the use of teams comprised of members from various practices and parts of the country.
Our clients business objectives and priorities always form the basis for the consulting solutions we recommend. We are committed to our clients success and work towards helping them achieve their business objectives through creative, Cost-effective benefits, compensation, and human resources strategies. Whether we are doing routine work or high-level creative of engineering consulting, procurement & construction we take great pride in making sure that our work brings value to the client.

As a professional service organization, we place a high value on creativity, quality, and achieving client satisfaction. We bring a team-oriented multi-disciplinary perspective to all assignments. This enables us to address a wide range of diverse issues on a number of different levels, a characteristic that we believe our clients value most about our approach to all services.

We know that our customers have complex businesses that require sophisticated services. Our solutions are carefully tailored, combining industry expertise, intellectual property and technology in a way that achieves real business results.
We continually explore, create and adopt new innovations to keep our solutions ahead of the curve. Our approach has kept Petro Solutions at the forefront of our industry.

I would like to extend my gratitude to all our customers who have believed in us, as well to our suppliers and business partners for their unwavering commitment and support.
Welcome to Petro Solutions as we look forward to working with you.

Ziyad Al-Safi
President and Chief Executive Officer
Oil & Gaz
Heavy Equipments
Consultation & Design
IT Solutions
Oil refineries
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